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Aircraft Performance  Specifications

1. General information

Engine Make: Lycoming 200hp/4 cyl

Engine Model: IO-360-A1B6D

Propeller Type:McCauley Constant Speed

Power (HP): 200

Engine TBO: On condition. Years.

2. Speed

Maximum Cruising Speed: 156 kts.

Recommended Cruising Speed: 148 kts.

Stalling Speed: 49 kts.

3. Fuel capacity

Standard fuel: 61 US Gals

4. Weight

Gross Weight: 1270 kg.

Empty Weight: 800 kg.

Max Useful Load: 469 kg

Max Useful w/Full Fuel: 287 kg

5. Range

Max Range - Std Cruise : 888 NM/1644Km/6Hrs

6. Ceilings

Max Service Ceiling: 17100 Feet/ 5211 meter.

7. Climb Rates

Max Climb, Sea Level, Gross Weight: 925 feet/min

8. Takeoff &  landing distance

TakeOff Ground Roll, Sea Level, Gross Weight: 271 meter

TakeOff Over 50ft/15meter Obstacle, Sea Level, Gross Weight:483 meter

Landing Ground Roll, Sea Level, Gross Weight: 222

9. Aircraft dimensions

Cabin Width (at shoulder): 1,2192 meter.

Fuselage Lenght (approx): 8,32 meter

Fuselage (usually tail section) Height (approx.): 2,65 meter

Total Wingspan (approx.): 10,85 meter

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